Mission & Disclaimer

*My Disclaimer:

I’m not a licensed therapist, counselor, or psychologist.  

Everything I share on this platform is based on what I’ve personally, and consciously experienced.  If you don’t agree with some of the content on here, feel free to take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.  

We have all been equipped with an internal guidance system, and all the wisdom and strength we need to get through this life situation.  All we need to do is to get back in touch with that guidance system, which is our Soul.  It’s time we re-learn to look within for answers instead of without. 🙂


I believe each one of us already possess the inner wisdom to help us overcome challenging times like these.

My goal is not to tell you how to grief, per se, but to share with you the healing methods I have learned, and experimented on myself, along the way that have helped me find peace, joy, and passion for a new life.  

My mission is:

  • To help you realize that [your] life after death is possible
  • To offer you an alternative lens through which to view death to hopefully ease your suffering
  • To help you move away from the victim mentality and regain your sense of identity 
  • To help you turn your pain into motivation for a new life 
  • To empower you by providing the resources needed for self-healing to foster mental, emotional liberation from the loss

I want to help you realize that surrendering to grief, and delving into the pain of losing a loved one can be a rather profound experience, and to shed the universal fear around death, and outgrow the stigma of being a widow.


“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”


The fact that you found this blog is an obvious sign of Divine guidance.  I hope you’ll embrace this journey and find the resources you need on this blog for self-healing.

I strive to help widows and widowers heal from loss using a non-traditional, holistic, and metaphysical approach. I will focus on providing knowledge regarding the physical aspects (i.e. foods, essential oils, and exercises for grief), the emotional aspects (i.e. emotional release, empathy), and the psycho-spiritual aspects along the way.

Some of you might have already taken steps towards healing by seeing a grief counselor or therapist, and that is fantastic!  Taking control of your emotional well-being is an expression of self-love.  You can use this blog as an addition to the professional therapy you are receiving, as an extra cushion, and a safe haven to support your healing process.

But for those who currently lack the access to a grief counselor, I hope this blog will be able to provide you with helpful insights you need until you are able to, or are ready to seek professional therapy.  Or you may choose not to, and that is perfectly fine as well, as long as you are doing what you feel most comfortable with at this time.

If you need additional support or someone to chat with, feel free to reach out to me through this Contact Form. (I would love to hear from you!)

May your loved ones in Spirit help you find peace (I know they will :))