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Earlier this week, I published an article that elaborates on the 11 common ways your deceased loved one tries to communicate with you once they’ve crossed over.  The day immediately after I hit “Publish,” further confirmation from Spirit appeared right on my front door.  Literally.  

Today, I’d like to share with you the sign that I’d received from Spirit and have failed to mention in that article.


Many people have reported seeing pennies laying around shortly after their loved one passed away.  Pennies is one of the common ways our loved one, our Higher Self, or angels in Spirit sends us reassurance in times of tremendous change.

Seeing a penny on your path means: Everything will be okay, and we are all one (1) and in unity with one another.  Even when it doesn’t feel like it at times because we are experiencing such emotional upheaval during this life changing event.  Our loved ones in Spirit are letting us know we are valued and protected.

Because our deceased loved ones are now pure vibrational energy, they’re able to manipulate our reality to arrange for these signs to appear in our path, in perfect timing.  Pennies are also a great way to grab your attention since it reflects light from the sun at certain angles.

When you see a penny, notice whether the date on it bears any significance to you.  Does it reflect the year of your birth? The year of their birth, or death?  Be sure to take a moment to take in the vibrational love and thank your loved one for sending you signs of comfort.

Signs sent from Spirit usually appear in clusters – one after another in a short period of time.

I’d received pennies before from my fiance after his passing.  But it wasn’t a sign I relied on heavily to sense his presence.  The most shocking encounter I’d had with pennies was the day after I’d published the “11 Signs” article.  I walked out the front door, for no reason but to respond to this urge to go out there.  Then I saw a gray feather laying directly in front of me and a tiny white one on the side.  Once I’d picked those up, a penny was laying there a few steps forward.  As soon as I’d picked up the penny, a monarch butterfly fluttered by the tree in my yard as I was looking up.  Wow.  It was like they’d laid out a trail of breadcrumbs for me.  Bam. Bam. Bam. 

Pennies from Heaven - The Jolly Widow
Confirmation from Spirit appeared in my front yard – a gray, and white feather, a penny.


Seeing dimes everywhere, while they seemingly appeared out of thin air is also another very common sign from Heaven.  Dimes are another form of currency that carries heavy symbolism of the number 10.  Ever heard of the saying, “You’re a ten”?  You are perfect and valued.

In numerology, the number 10, broken down also carries a positive meaning.  “1” typically stands for independence, one-ness, and new beginnings.  The “0” symbolizes the completion of a cycle, the God number, and unity.  Combined, the number 10 encourages us to step into our own personal power and to become conscious co-creators of our reality.  Often times, we react to unpleasant life situations by blaming the world, blaming God, and blaming everybody else.

But life isn’t all peaches and roses.

Sh** just happens, and our power lies in how we choose to respond to what happens.

Therefore, receiving a dime from our loved ones in Spirit is a reminder that we are valued and protected at all times.  So we can let go of our fears to step into our own power and co-create our reality with the Universe.

There are days when we choose to drown in our misery. That’s okay.

Go all the way.  Feel all the feels that accompanies grief – sadness, anger, guilt, fear, despair, anxiety, lethargy.  Just be sure to allow your emotions to come up, don’t suppress them.  Don’t run from the pain.

When you are ready, give yourself permission to release the emotions that no longer serve you.  And you can choose to smile – Smile at the birds. Smile at the trees. Smile at the sun.  Smile because you’re alive.  And smile just because.

Have you received pennies or dimes out of the blue?  Leave us a comment below to share your experience!  Or feel free to share this article with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

May love be with you!


  1. Would like to know 2 mds ater a boyfroend of myne died where whrer attatacd to eash other hy died nou he placed sweet aroud the house musk xxx in form of 3 in the house snd the other day sat on the coach goot a strang feeling my heart beat and i felt like tingling on my face and whole body the my body yerk up i am not soek thing i am going mad i happes about 2 times a day since wrnsday the 23 janthis year am i going crasy is there a xsplantion for this please can you tell me if its his spirt by me or is it crasy ness becaise it happens in the day moring anmd early evening

    1. Dorothy, it sounds to me as his spirit trying to interact with you on an energetic level. The strange heart beat you’d mentioned might be your heart chakra opening, and the tingling, most likely him giving you a kiss in spirit. Both of these signs I’ve experienced for a short period of time following my fiance’s death. But of course, I’d recommend seeking professional medical advice if you feel unwell. Hope this helps, take good care.

  2. Quarters in random strange places at the bar work at that I clean. They appear in the strangest of places and places I had just been where they hadn’t been minutes before.

  3. Our family continues to find dimes since the death of my granddaughter 14 years ago. I find pennies in odd places since my husband’s death ten years ago. Occasionally i find a penny and dime together. It makes me smile

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